Day 1,413: Lag of the Jet

Day 1,413: Lag of the Jet

We slept in, according to eastern time, anyway. In pacific time, I woke up exactly on time (after having done to bed right on time) 😛

Took a shower, and then we went and had breakfast with Seth and Lena and Henri, which was delicious at this little cafe, which was very much a spot that we’d have picked to go to on our own. Newish and hip, but not too upscale or hoity toity, with really friendly people. That was wonderful. Then we went grocery shopping, and holy bejesus, that was insane. It was so freaking busy there and there were no shopping carts so we have to carry everything by hand. Which, to be honest, wasn’t a big deal, but I mention it as an indication of how busy it actually was there.

Then we parted ways, and Liz and I took a nap together after putting away our groceries. Right before nap times, we got the info that a good friend of ours, Kihong, was landing in New York (or already had landed?) TODAY and so we arranged to see him for dinner. So, we took a nap, then got up and took the L train out to Brooklyn, and arrived a bit early at Fette Sau in Brooklyn.

It was a barbecue joint with a bar and it was DELICIOUS. Omg. Drinks were good. Company was excellent. We had a great time. The best time. Kiki is out here for a play. We’re out here for family support. It was all wonderful.

Now we’re home, talking about what has been and what might be.

Indians just won their 18th straight game, which as a fan of the Oakland A’s makes me pissed right the frack off…because the 2002 team that won 20 in a row is just about all we have in terms of bragging rights for the past 30 years…so…the Indians can lose tomorrow. Immediately. As far as I’m concerned, they can frack right off. We’ll see.

Anywho…that was my day 😛 See you kids tomorrow after lots of Henri time 🙂

Artwork tonight is from Dean Ellis.