Day 1,414: Oh, Henri!

Day 1,414: Oh, Henri!

Today was spent with my nephew. All day, and holy bejesus guys, he is so friggin cute. Mile wide smile, loves making grunt noises and climbing up and down from the couch over and over again. Oh, and did I meantion that he’s 27? I kid, I kid. He is ALMOST 1.

The only damper on the day was some pretty major jet lag. Getting up at “4am” is not exactly the funnest activity 😛 But, the Ho helped out like a champion, and Henri was quite cooperative for the most part. A few tantrums here and there for a couple minutes, but nothing too major. I feel quite grateful actually to be here and to get to know him better.

Tonight we took it easy and ate food, watched some of the Indians Tigers game, which I’m assuming they won handily. The Indians, I mean. Those bastards. If they did win, it means they’ve won 19 games in a row. 1 shy of the record set by the A’s in 2002. Those bastards. I hope they lose tomorrow. Ugggghhh.

Then we watched The Orville, which we’ve both decided we can’t really figure out if we like it or not. Most people HATE it. We did not. We thought it was funny in parts. And then not so much in others. We’ll see what happens with it. Seth MacFarlane is not my favorite as an actor…but he is very funny as a writer. So, there’s hope.